August 3, 2011

Rainbow Brite Inspired Makeup

I would say that I like 80s and 90s cartoons and toys, but it's really more of an obsession, haha. Manda over at Toxid Lotus said that she wanted to do a FOTD collaboration and we decided to do looks based on 80s cartoons. Perfect! The first show we picked was Rainbow Brite. The looks are inspired by the characters we chose; her's being Tickled Pink and mine Stormy. Hope you like it!

Stormy! In all her purple, green and blue glory!

I like how the blinds created a stripey effect on my face, haha.

Green, blue and purple. I think it's my new favorite eye combo!

Look! I managed to get one without blinds shadows!

I guess this post is also showing you my new hair color. The purple had become really faded and looked too reddish for my taste, so I had to color it again. Looked in my hair color drawer aaaaaand I was out of purple. Of course. I saw a jar of Turquoise and threw it on the top half of my hair (the most faded part) and this is the result. I like it! It's sort of an unintentional ombre style and also looks like it has other color hi-lights. I'm marking it off as a win!

Ok, back to the makeup! I just used the colors from Stormy's outfit and winged it. I'm happy with how it turned out! The next cartoon we are using for inspiration is Jem. I'm excited!

What I used:
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils - Rocky Mountain Green, Electric Blue and Milk
Stila Loose Eye Shadow - #6
Fyrinnae Loose Eye Shadow - Gigawatts
BFTE Loose Eye Shadow - Grape
Sephora Liquid Eye Liner - Black
2 pairs of random false eye lashes
Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balm - Hathor


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